FRANCHISING & DIREITO (Portuguese Edition)

A franquia empresarial é hoje no Brasil uma realidade in-contestável e florescente. Seu faturamento em 1996 girou em torno dos US$ 10 bilhões com estimativa de chegar até o final do corrente ano de 1997 a US$ 15 bilhões, correspondentes a quase 2% do PIB nacional, gerando aproximadamente 800.000 empregos e levando o Brasil a […]... Read More

Franchising Law

Topics discussed include: the requirements of the FTC Franchising Rule, including the text of the Rule; state and federal disclosure; registration requirements, including the text and analysis of the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC); the franchise relationship; clause-by-clause analysis of franchise agreements; franchise alternatives; distributorship, leases, branch operations, limited partnerships, and more; federal taxation of […]... Read More
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Franchising in Africa: Legal and Business Considerations

Franchising has experienced phenomenal growth around the world and Africa is no exception. The saturation of Western markets, the relaxation of trade barriers and the globalization of business have pushed franchisors to new African markets to distribute their products and services. This book provides an overview of franchising in emerging African markets. It focuses on […]... Read More
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Franchising Law and Practice in Vietnam

Franchising is an increasingly popular business expansion strategy which has revolutionised the distribution of goods and services in virtually all industry sectors in most countries. The late development of franchising in Vietnam has been the result of the late development of the economic and legal system necessary to support it. The Doi Moi reforms in […]... Read More
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Franchising For Dummies

If you want to own your business but don’t want to start from scratch, maybe buying into a franchise is the right choice for you! Franchising can be a great way to get started in small business without taking the huge risk of founding and building a company on your own. But before you jump […]... Read More

Franchising: Cases, Materials, & Problems

Many casebooks are constructed by academics who have spent a good portion of their careers in teaching environments. This casebook is different. While some of the contributors are full-time faculty members who have taught franchising in law schools, most are private practitioners. These practitioners have worked with clients in the real world and have examined […]... Read More
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This book is written for students of franchising as well as franchisors, franchisees or prospective franchisees. A three part perspective is developed throughout the book concerning the franchisor-franchisee relationship: first, a franchisor and franchisee are independent business people who must manage their separate business affairs; second, the franchisor and franchisee are dependent upon each other […]... Read More